Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting the week in Strasbourg

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I am in Strasbourg this week, for the congress of the AFSP (Association francais de science politique). Alex is back home at a Rugby Clinic for the next couple of days, but there was nothing for Duncan.  School doesn't start til next week, Steve is at work for 12 hours/day, and we couldn't find any childcare for Duncan so... he had to come with me! .... he is not looking forward to sitting at the conference with me all day, but has some new DS games to keep him distracted!  Life is always like this:  Steve and Alex would rather be here, Duncan would rather be at home.  There is no justice!   :-)  

So we just arrived, after a restful trip on the Eurostar/SNCF.  The stroll from the train station to the hotel was beautiful.... it is my first time here, and I must say, this town is lovely!  I can see why it is a UNESCO world heritage site!   Here is the view from our little hotel room!   Not bad!   Now we are going to sneak out into the streets to grab a bite to eat.  I suspect Duncan's vote is going to be pizza.  :-)


  1. Oooooh, I am on your blog reading just as you are posting your newest!!!!! Do I get a prize?

    I am loving. Going to try to turn off the TV so I can get Xavier to come read about the lavender and the revenge of the bees. Poor Duncan.

    Enjoy your dinner. Have a sausage for me.

  2. If only you had taken me with you to London ;) LOL
    I enjoy your blog so much, looking forward to hear more about your adventures.

  3. And only YOU, Fania, can appreciate how much I too truly wish I had taken you with me to London!!!!! :-)


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