Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring...(by Duncan)

Today we had to take kiwi to get her hair cut. The dog place was too far to walk to, so we went on the bus. It was kiwi's first bus ride! They told us it would take a couple of hours to cut her hair, so we decided to go see a movie while we waited. The only movie on was The Smurfs in 3D. I did not think it was all that good.

It was a bit cloudy when we went into the movie, but when we came out, it was pouring rain! We ran for the bus. We almost missed it, but Alex got there first, so that gave me and mom time to get there. When we got to the Dog place, it was raining like crazy. Here are some photos. You can see it looked like a river pouring down the middle of the street! It was going so fast in the gutters, that it couldn't even go down the drain without making a gusher. The water in the sewers was moving so fast that it even pushed the man hole covers right up in the air! We were so soaked that it felt like we had jumped into the lake with our clothes on and then walked back out. When we finally got on the bus to go back home, all the windows of the bus were fogged up so you couldn't even see outside to know what stop were were at.

Here is what Kiwi looked like before and after her haircut.

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  1. Oh Kiwi. How we miss you.

    She is such a good dog. Our dog focuses all his attention on escaping and stealing food.

    Since we have finally "Gryphon-proofed" our back yard, he is escaping less. It has only taken us two years of trying to find and block all his escape routes.

    Now that he can't escape, he is focusing 100 per cent of his time trying to steal food. He is very good at it.

    he has been known to push an upsidedown laundry basket to the counter to get the bread, get on a chair and pull his food container off the shelf, and open the door under the counter and pull out the garbage slider to get inside the garbage.

    Bad dog.

    P.S. I loved the smurfs movies. You have not watched enough smurf cartoons. You can watch them on youtube. After the movie Rhiannon said, "I don't like Azriel's wizard." ha, ha, ha.


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