Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Video Games in Real Life (by Duncan)

We are here in Strasbourg because i wasn't allowed to stay at home while my mom went to the conference The day we got here we were walking around for a little bit in town. Then we decided to go for pizza. It was already dark out but we sat at a table outside where we could see the top of the cathedral. I got a huge pizza and a ginormous milkshake, and mom took lots of failed photo attempts of me trying to eat it before she could get one good shot. I also took a picture of her eating pretzels.

Even though it was really dark and cold, she wanted to take pictures of the church. But all of the pictures she took were failed attempts. I told her it was too dark, but she kept trying anyways. Finally she gave up and said we could try again in the morning. The pictures all looked like this!

Wierdly though, on the way home, we saw something strange. We ran into one of those mushrooms from Mario that make you grow big. It was in tile in a wall of one of the buildings. It was just like when we saw a green ghost from PacMan at the Louvre in Paris. And I was like, "huh?!" Is this by accident, or is someone doing this on purpose. I wanted to take a picture, and she said it was too dark, but tried anyways. The picture came out perfect, even if her church pictures didn't. hahah

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