Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Foxy Visitor...

look back by the tree...

 Yes... for the last couple of days, Steve and I have had the opening riffs from the Jimmy Hendrix Song "Foxy Lady" running through our heads.   Well... at least the `Foxy` part of it. That is because there has been an interesting visitor in our neighbour`s backyard.  Can you see it here?  Back in the corner by the tree?  Steve noticed it the other day when he woke up. From our 2nd floor bedroom windown, you can see clearly into our neighbour`s  backyard.  He said, “Hey!  There’s a fox next door!”  I said, “That’s rude! You should be focusing on the fox who shares your bed?!` He said “No.  Really!   A REAL fox!” I went to the window, and sure enough, there a red animal with a long fluffy tail.  It was definitely NOT a dog.  Our window was open, and we think it heard us talking about it.  :-)  It turned, gave us a look, and then casually hopped over the back of the neighbour’s fence, and was gone.

a closer view

Ever curious, I headed out to the web to see if it was possible that there really were foxes on the streets of London.   Apparently, yes.  One site on Urban Foxes, suggests that there are something like 33,000 urban foxes in Britain (maybe 10,000 of them in London).  Hmmm..... well.... there is certainly one next door.  We have seen it a couple of times since.   I think our neighbours might not own a lawmower, and the fox seems to like laying in the tall grasses in their backyard.  Wierd.  I don’t know why that strikes me as wierd.  Afterall, deer walking down the street is a fairly normal part of life back in Victoria.  And i never get fussed by the notion that there are occasional cougar sightings back home.  But still.... having a fox next door seems a strange...  

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  1. OK, being the main animal lover in the family, I must admit I am jealous. Indeed, I looooooove foxes. Can you catch it and bring it home for me? I promise to take good care of it.

    Of course the fact that I own a beagle does not bode well for any fox in our neighbourhood.


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